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PowerFLARM Technical Specifications

The specifications below describe the PowerFLARM system currently being tested for the US market. There will also be a version without a display or control knob for mounting behind the panel (to be used with one of many available separate displays). These technical specifications are based on the PowerFLARM Technical Specification from the www.PowerFLARM.com site and have been updated based on emails with Flarm and Butterfly Aero.  The US distributor will be posting the official US PowerFLARM system technical specifications soon.  There are some notable differences in the US vs European PowerFlarm systems, e.g. the IGC-approved logger.

Specifications are for the portable, integrated version:

Size and enclosure:

  • length: 94mm
  • width: 96mm
  • height: 46mm


  • integrated rotary knob with push button
  • special positive detents for tactile feedback


  • integrated warning buzzer (up to 86 dBA)
  • output for headset audio (optional)
  • adjustable volume
  • voice-warnings (optional from Q2/2011)


  • integrated RS232 enhanced NMEA data output for Moving-Map or external displays, and input for task declaration and settings
  • integrated power supply for 3rd-party devices

Sensors and GPS:

  • latest technology pressure sensor
  • integrated 50-Channel GPS receiver
  • optional ENL Engine Noise-Level sensor for motor-gliders

FLARM radio: 

  • FLARM transceiver with extended range
  • supports dual antenna operation

ADS-B 1090:

  • 1090 MHz receiver for Mode-C/S and ADS-B
  • very high range (>100 NM)
  • data output on ground possible (e.g. to optional PC-Software)


  • FLARM antenna
  • second FLARM antenna (optional)
  • ADS-B antenna
  • integrated GPS antenna (support for optional external GPS antenna)


  • SD-Card slot (Micro-SD)
  • more than 4GB possible
  • operating software updates through micro SD-card

Flight Recorder:

  • IGC-approved* Flight Recorder for Flights up to and including Diamonds


  • sunlight readable active matrix TFT display
  • resolution 132 x 176 pixels
  • 2" screen size
  • 180° viewing angle
  • day and night mode
  • View the screens here

Power and batteries:

  • 6 interchangeable AA-batteries (all types)
  • adaptive battery loading circuit with temperature monitoring (NiCd and NiMh batteries)
  • usable without batteries (10 to 30V DC aircraft power)
  • lasts up to 8h on one charge (depends on traffic volume)
  • Note: display-less version for blind mounting has no internal batteries.

In the box:

  • PowerFLARM
  • ADS-B Antenna
  • FLARM Antenna
  • Documentation


  • 2 threaded holes (M4) at the bottom
  • adaptor-plates and mounts (optional)
  • mountable with DualLock®
  • fully autonomous - can be used everywhere in the aircraft

*North American Edition only