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Online Publications

Motor-glider safety considerations. To be published in August-2022 Soaring magazine:
How Low Can You Start The Motor?

2020 SSA Convention with OSTIV track, presentation videos:
Bail-Out Aftermath — Lessons Learned.
OSTIV: Motor-glider unreliability: Examples, Systemic Problems, and Potential Systemic Improvements
See also: De Rese 2008 Survey of motor-glider reliability
Abstract and presentation slides for the above video presentations are available below.

Safety briefing video: Things to think about for safe towing of heavier gliders

Interested in the FLARM® glider traffic warning system, transponders, and ADS-B?
Dave contributed heavily to this in-depth FLARM® discussion formerly hosted on
FLARM antenna installation notes (replaces the FLARM Antenna Hall of Shame web page)
About transponders - USA glider pilot background on transponder types and functionality
About ADSB - USA glider pilot background on the new aircraft traffic surveillance system

Racing and Event Blogs

Dave's 2020 Almost-Soaring report, from a year we hope to forget...
Dave's 2015 blog from Hobbs, New Mexico - The USA 18-Meter Class Nationals
Dave's 2014 blog from Montague, California - The USA Open Class Nationals
Dave's blog from the 2014 USA 18-Meter Class National Championships at Minden, Nevada
Dave's blog from the 2013 USA Open Class National Championships at Hobbs, New Mexico
Dave's 2012 blog from Montague, California - The USA 18-Meter Class Nationals
Dave's 2012 blog from Minden, Nevada - The USA Open Class Nationals
Dave's 2011 blog from Uvalde, Texas - The USA Open Class Nationals
Dave's 2011 blog from Hobbs, New Mexico - The USA 18-Meter Class Nationals
Dave's 2010 blog from Hobbs, New Mexico - The USA Open Class Nationals
Dave's 2010 blog from Caesar Creek OH - The USA 18-Meter Class Nationals
Participating in EAA's 2009 AirVenture Gathering at Oshkosh Includes links to video of Dave's
Antares 20E Oshkosh flight demonstration and a recording of EAA Radio's interview with Dave.
Dave's 2009 blog from Montague CA - The USA Open Class Nationals
Dave's 2008 Blog from Uvalde TX - The USA Open Class Nationals
Dave's 2008 Blog from Mifflin PA - The USA 18-Meter Nationals
Dave's 2006 Blog from Hobbs NM - The USA 18-Meter Nationals
Dave's 2005 Blog from Uvalde TX - The USA 15-Meter Nationals
Dave's 2004 Blog from Uvalde TX - The USA 18-Meter Nationals
Dave's 2003 Blog from the "Return To Kitty Hawk" Cross-USA Glider Marathon
Dave's 2002 Blog from Tonopah, Nevada - The USA 15-Meter Nationals

June Bent flies again - Dave takes a WASP for a ride

96 year old WASP June Bent flies again in a Duo Discus - Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Wednesday, October 7, 2009
June Bent story on front page of Boston Globe, Saturday 10-October-2009
Boston Globe front page image from 10-October-2009

Print Publications

Soaring Magazine, March 2012, The 2011 18-Meter Nationals in Hobbs, NM
(Online draft of Soaring magazine article available here)

Soaring Magazine, March 2012, cover photo
Dave Nadler finishing a race during the 2011 18-Meter Nationals in Hobbs, NM. Photo by Chuck Coyne / SSA.

Soaring Magazine, October 2011, Perspectives: One Contest Pilot's View
25 years after it was written, Soaring reprinted (unabridged) Dave's 1986 soaring safety article.
Article on flying safety, especially how not to kill yourself learning mountain and competition flying.
Not for the queasy. Often remembered for:
I will not follow another pilot... and
It is much more important to know the limits of your knowledge and ability than to know everything, and certainly more practical.

Soaring Magazine, July 2009, The Aero 2009 Fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Soaring Magazine, November 2008, 2008 18-Meter Nationals, Mifflin, Pennsylvania

Soaring Magazine, September 2005, A Report from Friedrichshafen
Report on the Aero Exposition in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
(Online draft of Soaring magazine article available here)
FLARM® introduction.

Soaring Magazine, August 2003, Aero 2003 - Friedrichshafen Germany.

Soaring Magazine, February 2003, Wallaby Ranch
Flying the light stuff (hang gliders and an ultralight sailplane) at Wallaby Ranch in Florida.

Soaring Magazine, July 2001, Aero 2001

Soaring Magazine, May 1987, Perspectives
Article on flying safety, as reprinted in October 2011.


Lectures at the Soaring Society of America's National Convention have included*:

2020 SSA Convention: Bail-Out Aftermath — Lessons Learned.
Abstract , Presentation , Video

2020 SSA Convention, OSTIV track: Motor-glider Unreliability: Examples, Systemic Problems, and Potential Systemic Improvements
Abstract , Presentation , Video

Final Glides Without Fear
Effective Variometers and Computers for Sailplanes, Present and Future
What You Need to Know about Your Vario
2018 Edition with Tony Condon: So You Think You Want a Motor-Glider...
The FLARM® Traffic Awareness and Collision-Warning System
2012 SSA Convention, Electric Gliders, with Robert Mudd
* slides available on request where not linked above


Notes on flying the Monnet Monerai Sailplane back in the 1980s

Soaring Biography - Dave Nadler YO

Soaring has been a huge part of Dave's life with 4,600+ hours in gliders, 2200+ hours in motor-gliders, 100+ contests, and 150,000+ miles XC. Some high-point of Dave's soaring career have been a day win in the Open Class Nationals at Uvalde in his Antares, at the time the longest flight in New England, a 104mph flight at Nephi (faster then Uys Jonker), and a day win at Chester (faster than DB in Concordia). Past awards include the 1994 Giltner trophy (fastest speed in the USA 15-meter nationals), and the 1985 Shapiro trophy (fastest pilot in New England). Dave lives in eastern USA, near Boston Massachusetts with parrot Rupert, and currently flies a Ventus 3M.

Dave starting soaring in 1974 with the MIT Soaring Association and began competition flying in 1978. Dave won the 1985 regional contest at Sugarbush without functioning varios or flight computer, and the lack of helpful instruments aggravated him so much he started developing a new avionics package. Dave's flight computer designs subsequently introduced many firsts we now take for granted: a database of turnpoints, use of vector wind in all calculations, accurate vector wind measurement, complete task planning including time management, final glide around turnpoints, alternate landing spot location and final glide, and many more. On the first day of the 1991 World Championships in Uvalde, Dave's first commercial design was in two of the three winning cockpits. Twenty years later in the USA 2011 Open Class Nationals at Uvalde, Dave's ILEC SN10 was in the open class champion's cockpit and the day winner's cockpit 6 of 8 days, and these instruments are flown by thousands of pilots in more than 20 countries. In the 2012 World Gliding Championships in Uvalde, the ILEC SN10 was the flight computer and vario of choice in Dick Butler's Concordia, the world's highest performance sailplane. In 2014 winning pilots flying with ILEC SN10 included Ray Gimmey (USA 15-meter national champion) and Tilo Holighaus (Spanish Sailplane Grand Prix).

To bring the FLARM® traffic awareness and anti-collision system to USA soaring, Dave took a year off from professional pursuits and joined the FLARM® team for 2010, contributing heavily to FLARM® version 5 and the new PowerFLARM® product now flying in more than 1000 US sailplanes. To promote soaring, Dave exhibited and flew his Antares 20E in EAA's Oshkosh AirVenture airshow in 2009, 2010, and 2011. To improve racing glider water dump system reliability, Dave conceived and then developed in cooperation with Lange Aviation a new dump valve system, featured in Schempp-Hirth's Quintus M glider and all new Antares gliders.

In addition to being a regular speaker at SSA conventions, Dave has written many Soaring magazine articles. In his professional life, Dave built and ran a software and systems consulting business, managed software development and systems for a major international financial market data provider, and now consults on software, systems, testing, and electronics.

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