ILEC SN10 Uvalde WGC Turnpoint Database (NDB) Updates

Last Update 29-July-2012 (8:30 PM EST) - New Files !

Changes posted Sunday evening 29-July-2012

This round has turnpoint name clarifications ONLY:

On the ILEC SN10 "Site" page you should see "Created 29July2012" in the site description text !

Changes posted Saturday morning 28-July-2012

Includes airspace changes posted by organizers yesterday (Laughlin MOA boundaries for MF).
On the ILEC SN10 "Site" page you should see "Created 28July2012" in the site description text !

Uvalde NDB Database Files

Hi All - Jaun brought to my attention (Thanks Juan !):

Juan requested I produce merged files containing these landing points.
Some notes:

  1. unlike original NDB files on WWTPX, the description you will see on the SN10 "Site" page starts with:
    - MF for the MF file including the outline of the Laughlin Monday-Friday MOA west and north of Uvalde
    - SS in the Saturday-Sunday file excluding this MOA
  2. Whether or not you use these merged files I have provided, I suggest you load the MF file into one of the ILEC SN10 sites, and the SS file into the other.
  3. Preflight should include checking the SN10 moving map to ensure that you see the MOA near Uvalde Monday-Friday, and that you do NOT see the MOA on Saturday-Sunday.
  4. Airspace penalties are disastrous! Please check moving map periodically for possible problems, especially on area tasks or pilot-selected tasks. (Another) reminder to US pilots: class D overflight and the Lauglin MOAs are prohibited. This is DIFFERENT from all previous contests we have flown at Uvalde.

Hope this helps !
Good luck at Uvalde,
Best Regards, Dave "YO electric"

NDB files with landing points added:

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